Toughest 2016 med PT Piros

Toughest Madde 2016

Toughest Malmö 2016 var en roligt upplevelse. Ett par av mina klienter tränade hårt flera månader för att förbereda sig inför loppet, dessutom håll jag i gruppträning några veckor före. Nedan är en liten återblick av dagen :)

Toughest 2016

Despite the stone face, I was super pumped to cheer on my clients!


Efter 4 månaders träning 3 ggr/v hos mig, 2ggr på egen hand.

Efter 4 månaders träning 3 ggr/v hos mig, 2ggr på egen hand. Christian aced Toughest after four months of preparation, 3 times a week with me and twice on his own!!

Toughest Christian 2016

Alot of blood, sweat & tears went into making this pic possible!! Christian got in touch with me at Christmas & at that time was overweight & hadn’t trained in 15 years. His goal was to complete Toughest!! For 4 months I’ve had the pleasure of coaching him 3 times a week & he did his part with 2 times a week cardio & followed my nutrition advice. This mam you see in this picture is not the same guy I met just a few months ago. He’s shown great courage, dicipline & dedication & has been an inspiration to me. To see him conquer that ramp at the finish is a moment a will cherish! I am thankful for having been a part of his journey!!

Toughest Isabel Anna 2016

Yay team Annabel!! :) A year ago Isabel hated training & now she’s got her second ocr medal! :)Love when people catch the training bug! :)

Toughest Madde 2016

Madde!!! Love this woman!! Strong mentally & physically both in & out of the gym! Another amazing client that owned todays race :) Crazy how time flies, we’ve been working together two years now , especially focusing on building shoulder strength & mobility. She’s super dedicated to her career, training & family so to see her glowing at the finish was a wonderful moment!

Toughest Madde Karin 2016

The lovely Madde part two! With equally awesome accomplice & toughest finisher, Karin