We’re Here for a Good Time


The last time I wrote on this page was the 15th of May 2016. As you can imagine a great deal has happened in the past 1.5 years both good and bad. Prior to this “pause” I was pretty regular with updates and really active in my company as a personal trainer. Therefore I would like to catch up a bit on what has happened since then, not all in this post, but bit by bit.

Following my last post, the end of that month, May 2016 I took a vacation to visit my father in Hungary for a week. It was a lovely visit. Prior to my moving to Sweden nearly 10 years ago, I didn’t have much contact with him growing up.  So aside from skype calls, the odd week here and there made up the majority of our relationship. Prior to that visit it had been two years since I was there since I had so much focus on company and life in general got in the way. Now, as hindsight is 20/20 I’m really grateful I went.

During my stay we did the typical things, I lazed about and he pampered me with homecooked food and shared stories of the good old days. We enjoyed many hours in the wooden sauna he built by hand, and he cooked for me all my favorites. Since it was early spring I helped him plant some seeds and plants for the coming season. He had an amazing green thumb and a knowledge of plants far greater than my own.

One of my fondest memories of that visit was making elderberry cordial. We made a day of it, took the car to his secret spot where he knew there were flowers in bloom. We picked what we needed and put them in a woven basket to take home. He showed me how to make it, namely boiling water, putting in copious amounts of sugar, then adding the flowers, some lemon and citric acid. As he was funnelling the concoction into the jars for later consumption he managed to spill about 2 liters all over the floor. When I heard cussing & screaming I ran to the kitchen thinking he has wounded himself. Nope! Haha… he was just pissed off at himself and the situation. I offered to help with the clean up but was directed to leave at once while he grumbled and took care of the mess. The floor was sticky for the remainder of the trip.

During the stay, we did our typical rounds. He lived in a rural community about an hour from Budapest. We went to a hot bath which we’d visited on many occasions before. We went to the market where he got me plenty of paprika and sausage to bring home. Plus when out and about I saw roller blades when window shopping and reminisced about how much I enjoyed doing that in high school.. so he got me a pair. Not to mention the daily cuddles with my ‘little brother’ a 7 year old , Komondor that my father had as a guard dog and companion.

I used past tense in writing this post as sadly this trip would be my last of us two alone enjoying the fruits of life. To my knowledge then he was fit as a fiddle. During the summer, just weeks after that visit I found out he had pancreas cancer and was given an estimate of six months left to live. Sadly , that ended up being the case. In the months following he had two operations, but it was too late. In December of 2016 he passed away. The time while he was ill and following has been one of the most difficult years for me. Therefore explaining my absence on this page.

While I do wish he was still here with us, I cannot continue to live in sorrow. I feel that writing this post will allow me to lift a weight off my shoulders and move on peacefully. His final words to me were “be happy”. At the time I didn’t see happiness on my radar and it has taken me a while to pick up the pieces. However, I know in my heart that he would want me to go on with my life and honor him by living mine fully. As after all, we’re here for a good time, not a long time.

In loving Memory of Gabor Piros.