Kapten Turns 1!


My little package of joy just turned one on October 29th, the same day as myself. He couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I got him last Christmas. I grew up with dogs and knew at some point in my adult life I’d want one as well, when all the puzzle pieces were in place. Last fall my father was ill, I was going through a transition with jobs, namely going from face to face to consulting online with Mammafitness, plus I just found out I was pregnant. Although it was a mix of both positive and negative stress, it was a pretty turbulent time to say the least. Kristian had decided since he was a boy that if he were ever to get a dog, it’d be a Västgötespets (Swedish vallhund). So when things seemed the shittiest, I thought , you know what would make life better? A puppy! So I did some research in November 2016 of all the kennels throughout Sweden, and found a litter of four that was born on my birthday and ready to be picked up on Christmas eve. Sold!

Of the bunch there was one with a tail, he was taken, two with a stump, and my little Captain , tailless that had not been spoken for, so we took him. I’m not usually a fan of Christmas as for me it often is a reminder of how one should be close with their families and it’s usually just a reminder that we’re far from it. Considering my father passed away on the 12th of December making me loathe the thought of Christmas even more,  it just felt right to brighten things up with a pup. Kristian and I boycotted the traditional Christmas, got a hotel for the night where Captain was located and picked up our little rugrat on Christmas Day, when we got home, nothing was open, so we had frozen pizza & chips for Christmas dinner. It couldn’t have been more perfect

Since I was just starting to work at home and pregnant , looking after a little pup was perfect timing as we wouldn’t have to leave him alone. In the beginning I was going through a pretty deep circumstantial depression. However, have that bundle of joy made things so much easier. During the house training phase I was out with him 6-8 times a day (which lasted about 6 months). Had it not been for him I’m sure I wouldn’t have even left the apartment very often. The shaninigans he got up to , his snuggles in the bed, kisses on the nose and fresh air from daily walks brought me more joy than you can imagine. Ok, there were times when he was a little shit, but that’s to be expected with puppies. One of my  favorite memories (in hindsight)  is when I got back from a two weeks vacation, Kristian picked me up from the station and left him at home, closed in , in our bedroom. We got home to a bed and dog covered in shit that he mushed into every crevace & pillow. So much for the romantic welcome.

But there is always a bright side.  I had all the good intentions of continuing to train throughout my pregnancy, however eating enough was a challenge in itself, so being down in the dumps, pregnant and making sure my baby to be got enough fuel, I just couldn’t bring myself to train regularly. However, since Captain has such short legs, I carried him up and down our three flights of stairs , 6-8 times a day so they didn’t damage his growing bones & ligaments. It didn’t take long for him to shoot up to 15kg so that was my daily motion.

Two days ago my little piglet turned 1, and is the sweetest dog and best big brother ever. Am very much looking forward to many more years and adventures with my bestbuddy.