What happened to my studio & what’s next!

piros studio

What happened to my studio? 

I had just gotten my studio shortly before my online break in May 2016. It’s a shame I couldn’t keep it longer really, in total I had it for eight months and it was a blast. The gym I previously worked for had a clientele of namely men into heavy lifting and girls competing for bikini fitness with the odd everyday person.  Although I love training, I’m not really a gym person, so it was a relief to have my very own space where I could focus solely on my clients in an environment where I had control of the mood and music.

I won’t lie, initially I was scared and thought maybe things wouldn’t go well not being affiliated with a gym. However, just the opposite turned out to be true. Quite a few clients mentioned that they chose me for me and preferred training in an intimate setting. The reason I stopped there was beyond my control. My room was in a huge center, with three big rooms, 3 offices, two full dressing rooms and a kitchen. A young man and his girlfriend had a go at having the space as an holistic health center. I was the only permanent figure with the rest rented on a per use basis. In the end they found it to be too overwhelming and decided to move onto other ventures, meaning I too had to go.

I was super proud of how it turned out. While I was away visiting my father, I asked my partner to paint it for me, with no directions, just let him have free range. I’d come home to a wonderfully peaceful space. He had painted my logo on one wall, a monkey on another and some jungle leaves spread about. With a view over the local golf course and ocean, it couldn’t have been much better. At that time it had been about two years into having my own business and I was just getting over the break even point. However, I invested a great deal of my profits into getting it decked out with gym essentials; a weight bench, squat rack, free weights up to 150kg, mats, trx band, balance plate, pilates boll, mirrors along with some other odds and sods.

Now what?

Now all the equipment is in the basement at my apartment complex, so I still have my own private gym. Win! October 2016, I started my partnership with Olga Ronnberg and Mammafitness as a personal trainer and will return after my maternity leave.  Having had my own space and such a great response from my wonderful clients, it really built up my confidence. Plus proved how big the interest is for people who don’t like to train at gyms. Therefor I have decided that once I’m back in the game and taking on new clients that I will make home visits. In the winter of 2017 I will be having meet & greets for new moms. More information on that coming soon!

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