• Angelica Lövkvist

”I have the best personal trainer out there! I have had personal trainers in my active days, so I have something to compare with. I like that the training is varied so I don’t know what we’re going to do – I like that strength training is combined with jump rope & boxing. She pushes me much further than I would go if I were to train alone. She makes me feel like I can more than I think I’m capable of. Furthermore, she is always focused on training, and down to earth. Not a show off.”

  • Hanna Mårtensson

”I wanted to tone up, feel strong and I felt I needed a compliment to my current training. I personally don’t go to the gym, so I wanted to have inspiration and the knowledge to do the ‘right exercises’. Previously I had chronic pain in my back which disappeared after strength training with PT Piros. The best part is, I feel in much better form, training has seriously given results! I’d say, hire PT Piros if you want good coaching, carefully chosen exercises for you and to find inspiration for your training!”


  • Kristian Holm

”I am surprised over how much better results I get training on my own after having spent three month with Piros. Thanks to her, I was able to snowboard for five days in a row, which isn’t so bad considering my knee cap was slip in half just a couple of years ago.”

  • Gert Jacobsson

”I was curious to test this PT thing as I am not particularly training inclined. I was hoping that would change in the positive direction with a few PT hours. I got a good contact! She is very knowledgeable and engaged.”

  •  Sandra Olsson

”Piros is a kind, clever girl who knows what she’s doing. Easy to talk to. Very courteous and service-minded.”

  •  Patrik Svensson

”If you want to get into shape – book some time with Piros, she’ll motivate you to achieve your goal!”