Come Dine With Me & Nutrition Coaching

You are what you eat! The reason why I place so much focus on nutrition is because our diets are just as vital to our wellbeing if not more important than training. Your training objectives are easier to reach if you eat in accordance with your goals. Nutrition is a large part of our daily lives and sometimes one needs a little help along the way. I am here to assist in menu planning, cooking, and even as extra inspiration & motivation to a healthy lifestyle!

Eating healthy is the most crucial part of a training plan, regardless if you wish to lose weight, build muscle or just simply feed good! How we feel and perform is influenced in large part by the nutrients we provide our bodies with. The nutrients we ingest are the body’s building blocks which is why it is especially important that both exercise and diet is balanced.

Just like training, nutrition needs vary based on the individual. We all have different factors which must be taken into consideration when deciding our dietary needs – age, sex & activity level for example. It is not healthy to follow a specific diet, gimmick or quick fix. Rather it is best to increase nutrition and culinary knowledge to prevent many diseases which are influenced by our daily nutrition – obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.



Come Dine With Me

Have you decided to eat healthily but are not quite sure how? Do you avoid dining out to keep away from “forbidden” food? Do you want to impress your friends with a delicious & nutritious dinner?

Don’t stress! Cooking should be fun! Allow me to do the planning & shopping. I will come home to you with a bag of groceries & show you how to prepare a healthy world class three course meal! When I am with you, you’ll receive nutrition advice, cooking tips & of course – we’ll have a blast!

Nutrition Coaching:

To help you reach your goals, all advice I provide is individually tailored to your needs. For the nutrition coaching to give optimal results, it’s necessary that I am aware of how your diet and lifestyle looks at the present. We begin with a food diary where you write down everything you eat and drink during a weeks’ period. I then use the diary as a tool to custom make a food schedule based on your circumstances. We do not necessarily have to replace everything, rather I will help you with small changes and healthier choices that ultimately make a big difference!

Menu planning is based upon your needs and is adjusted to the goals you have (weight loss, increase muscle mass etc.). I am also available for those of you who are feeling stuck in a pattern of eating the same meals week in and week out. Allow me to inspire you with new exciting and tasty meals to make cooking fun again!

I also offer my help when grocery shopping to expand your knowledge about the products available and to improve your cooking! Together we plan the meals in advance, then as we are shopping I will teach about how to read labels, and the implications of marketing terms such as “low-fat” , “fat-free”, “calorie-reduced” etc. It’s my objective that you shall be aware of which items to avoid and which are good for you!

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