Personal Training


Regardless of your training goals, whether you want to burn fat, build muscle or expand your nutritional & culinary knowledge then you’ve come to the right place! I offer a variety of services to tailor-make a plan for your fitness goals.

Training ought to be fun and varied! It is easy toget stuck in a daily routine that is difficult to change. Don’t fret – together we can help you reach your goal!

My services include:

  • Mammafitness Trainer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Personal Chef
  • Training Schedule
  • Menu Plans
  • Traditional and functional strength training
  • Barefoot Running Coach
  • Rehabilitation
  • Fitness Tests (condition, strength, flexibility)
  • Posture Anaylysis
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Swim Coach (open water)
  • Measurements (cm, muscle mass %, fat %)

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Why you should hire me as a personal trainer or personal chef!

As a lifelong athlete with several years’ experience within the fitness branch I’ve got the Tools to offer training programs built after your needs. Regardless of your training background – from beginner to elite athlete – I can help you! My services include everything from cooking, nutritional seminars, functional strength training, rehabilitation, fitness tests, Thai boxing to swim coaching in the summer. Based on your needs  a personal training program is created to help you achieve your goals!

A healthy diet in combination with training makes it that much easier to reach your goal. Above and beyond a training program, I offer menu planning. The difference between myself and the other personal trainers, is I not only create a personal food schedule, but I even teach you how to cook! With my service “Come Dine With Me”, I come to the comfort of your home and show the best way to prepare healthy dishes.

Our first meeting is a free consultation without further obligations. This meeting is a great way for me to get a snapshot of who you are and how your lifestyle is. I always offer personalized guidance, as all people have varying aspirations and perspectives. These factors influence how our partnership will look like and how I can customize the training / nutrition plan for your circumstances.

Contact me for your free consultation or if you have any questions